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Welcome to 2022 News 

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   I have moved to Conway, Arkansas where I will be looking forward to the opportunity to teach and bring out the inner child into organizations and schools.  Please follow this link for information about my workshops with the Arts Council. Or contact me directly. 

New Book for your Library 

Journey of Fairy Tales

     “Journey of Fairytales is an enchanting book of Phantasmagorical childhood adventures that touch on themes of love, hope, and enlightenment. Author Laura Botsford runs wild in this free-wheeling book that will be a delight to share with children of all ages."

           ~ Anatole Burkin  Retired Editor for Taunton Press


    “Can you Make and Believe? Imagine, being true to yourself and treat each other with respect and consideration; for all dreams come true with the best of intentions.” This is one of the enchanting and enlightening quotes from a delightful new children's book by Author, Laura Botsford, Journey of Fairy Tales. This new children’s adventure book leads children through imaginative experiences on their way to enlightenment.

     ~Robin Arquette, Creator of Songs from Dreamland with Lois Duncan

    Reading engagments of Journey of Fairy Tales by Author contact

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